X Iberoamerican Optics Meeting / XIII Latinamerican Meeting on Optics, Lasers and Applications/Mexican Optics and Photonics Meeting
Cancún, México

September 23 - 27

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Instructions for the posters

Poster sessions are scheduled to provide an opportunity for selected papers to be presented in greater visual detail and should facilitate vivid discussions with attendees

Presenters should display paper title, lists of authors and author affiliations on their posters. Authors must remain in the vicinity of their bulletin boards for the duration of the session (90 minutes) to answer questions. Note that poster presenters are not supplied with any audiovisual equipment.

The poster sessions will happen on Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday, afternoon, at room Cozumel. The available space for each poster is 90cm (width) x 120 cm (height). The material to hang your poster will be provided by the committee. You must hang your poster during the coffee break (10:30-11:00 hrs.) so that it is ready in the afternoon. The posters must be removed after their presentation.

The best posters will be awarded by OSA and SPIE. Each prize is $500 dollars with exchange rate to Thursday 26, September.

However there will be two Awards more: Award Diana Tentori Santa Cruz, Student Best Poster in experimental Optics (AMO Member) and Award Jorge Ojeda Castañeda, Student Best Poster in Theoretical Optics (AMO Member).